Google Spoked about Geographic Targeting Feature in Web Master Tool

April 29, 2008

Hi All,

Before few days Google make clear about how Geographic Targeting actually work. Most of all webmaster was thinking that if you set  your geographical location to particular region then Google will show up your website in your targeted geographic location, i was also thinking same :-), but lastly Google make clear how Google Geographic  Feature work for website owner. Here is the details that will open your eyes

Google is working very hard to help our website owner and webmasters. Thats why they adding more and more features in search results and webmaster tool. One of the important feature Google included in Webmaster tool is set geographical location for your target audience.

If you own a website and your target audience is UK (United Kingdom). Google first check for TLD (Top Level Domain) and if its then you dont need to set geographical location.

Second if you dont have a TLD then he will check for the IP address of website where its hosted. If your website hosted somewhere else then UK then you need to submit  your website in Google Webmaster Tool and then set your geographical location.

After setting up you will start dreaming your website will appear in search result. But this is not true, user need to select PAGES FROM THE UK onces they open But 80% of the users just click on and search for whatever they are looking for.

Bhavesh Goswami.


Robots.txt Generator – Google New Feature Introduced

April 1, 2008

Hi Again,

May webmasters having problem in creating robots.txt to block unwanted crawler to crawl their website pages. It is now very easy to create a robotos.txt using Google. Webmaster wrote many posts regarding robots.txt in Google Forum and finally they added this new advanced feature in Google Webmaster Help.

It is very easy to create a robotos.txt file, to do so first create an account with Google Webmaster Tool and then submit your website. Once you submit your website they will ask for Verification, choose any verification methods for your website. Once they verify ownership of website then only you can create a robotos.txt.

 Now go to Tools section from the left panel and there you will find Generate robotos.txt link. Then follow some simple steps

1. Choose your default access : Here you have to mention if you want to block all robots or want to allow all robots.

2. Specify any additional rules : This is an optional feature but if in first step you have selected Allow all robotos, and now you want to some robots then select robot from the combo box and then enter the file or directory path (e.g. /images/  or  /temp/index.htm)  

3. Then click on download and you have done.

It is very important to check you have written correct file that you want to block. To do so go to Analyze robots.txt, here you can see whether your robotos.txt file block specific urls.

Post a comment if you have any question.


Bhavesh Goswami.

Google PR Update – 29th Feb ’08

March 3, 2008

Hi All,

On saturday when i came to my office i monitored some minor changes in Google Page Rank of my websites.  Anyone here noticed PR update on their website then let me know and also let me know how much your website rank now. This is not good PR update as far as i know.

Here are some PR updation on my site
Bikinis – PR 3
Online Shopping Mall – PR 2
Aromatherapy Oils – PR 2
Discount Shop – PR 4
SEO Blog – PR 2
Appliance – PR 1

Bhavesh Goswami.

How to Improve Your Website Visibilty – Part I

February 5, 2008


Everyone have dream to get top ranking in Google. But its very diffuclt to achive good ranking in Google.  Here i am going to discuss something important things that might you never think about it.

Subdomain or Sub directories

I visited many top seo forums and found that many of webmasters are confused about what is better subdomain or subdirectories. In last week Google clear that there is not much difference between subdomain or subdirectories. Google consider subdomains as a different domain, thats why while  you submit your main domain in Google Webmaster Tool you need to add your subdomain as well as different domain and need each sub domain to verify separately.

Underscore or Dash in URL

This is also one big question arise in every web master what is better underscore or dash in url.  Google explain in blog that its good practice to if you separate your url with separate, it will be useful for Google to parsing URLs. Its clearly written that if you use dash in url then Google treated it as a separators, if you use underscore then it will count as single word. For example if your url is like (In this case Google bot read it as Digital Camera) (In this case Google bot read it as digitalcamera)

Google is constantly working on improving the visibility of website and may be in future there will be no difference between underscore or dash.

Bhavesh Goswami.
SEO & Web Promotion Expert.

Google had stop to show result from extended database

August 27, 2007

Google announced from the 1st of August they will stop showing any pages from their supplemental result.

From last week I was constantly monitor on Google site index result and I was amazed that now Google don’t show result from that extended database. I checked number of websites and search for thousand results but I was unable to find any pages under supplement results, so Google take off results from their extended database.

Then I started to digging around Official Google Webmaster Central Blog and there they have clearly mentioned from 31st of July they would stop labeling supplemental result in SERP. Matt (Google Software Engineer) clearly mentioned in his video that many people asked him about site: and supplemental results that index in SERP by Google, Matt told don’t worry about supplemental result as Google going to change their algorithm to make search results more specific and accurate, also told that there are at least two changes in Google infrastructure first is deliberately trying to make search result more accurate and second is to change infrastructure to improve quality but as a site benefit it counts result from the site more accurately when it involved in supplemental results.

I think this is enough to understand, if have any other question please leave a comment to discuss this issue in further detail.


May 16, 2007

Hi All,

I have just created this blog entry to reach other SEO and Web Promotion experts and also to help webmaster who have any problem in optimizing their website. I have three years of experience in SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and i still believe that i will come in touch with other SEO gurus who are doing SEO since long time. I want to start community here where other SEOs can post their problems, suggestions, Google PR updation, web site optimization process, Google Algorithm, Link Building, Content Optimization and all other tactics involved in Search Engine Optimization. I request all SEOs who are reading this blog to contact me on my following email address and i will send you authority to post article related to optimization process and search engine news. By this way we can share our knowledge and also get help of other gurus who have extensive knowledge.

Let me introduce something about me before we proceed. My name is Bhavesh Goswami, i did B.E. IC (Instrumentation and Control) from Govt. Engg. College, Gandhinagar. Currently I am working with as a SEO & Web Promotion Expert in a USA based company which located in polytechnic road, Ahmedabad. We are currently working on our company projects and most of the sites are now on top for most competitive keywords. Our company is know focusing on our clients project in which we will provide SEO service, Web Promotion, PPC, Blog Submission and Article submission service. We are also provide Web Hosting, Web Design and Web Development service in India as well in USA.

Please keep in touch with me.

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Hello world!

May 15, 2007

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